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A look back at 2013

This year was such an enjoyable experience. I am nothing short of proud of the fact. My original goal of traveling to different events was exceeded. Including taking on a wedding solo with little time to plan or meet with clients. I haven’t planned much for ’14 so far. I want to stray from Formula D and drifting for the most part. The not most part? Detroit and Lime Rock. Lime Rock for the friends, and Detroit…well because there is something great about that city. Looking back at it, I had no idea what to expect. Sure you hear nothing but bad things about it, but once you’re there you forget all the negative. I need more time to explore, more time to meet random friendly faces. (Yes everyone, be it downtown or the surrounding wasteland, everyone was friendly).

This post is going to have a part 2. I’m being hard on myself and not just throwing a bunch of photos up. The ones below and part 2 are only the photos that came out exactly how I envisioned them. Some aren’t great by any means, but to me they have me grinning from ear to ear.

Enjoy, because 2013 fucking rocked…


Some images have links. Check them out.

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I have no idea what has happened over the last month. I have been super busy traveling and shooting. Keeping this short and sweet. Let the photos narrate.












Super pumped to be shooting a wedding completely by myself with full artistic freedom. I am going to have so much fun shooting this for these 2 beautiful video game developers. We might all nerd out. Lets hope so.

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In a rut, buy new glass!

A few days ago, Brandon over at Allen’s Camera emailed me about some ideas he has for future videos for the store. Told him I was definitely interested. He also told me they just took in a demo Nikon 35mm 1.4. This lens has been in the back of my head for a few months now. Headed up to check out the lens and talk about his idea. Don’t want to go into it yet, but its a great way for new content and local photographers to get their work out there. Then he showed me the lens. God I love this piece of glass. It feels so good in the hands and looks good mounted. I tested it out and pulled the trigger. It was hard, but I decided to give up my 24-70 in trade. I just didn’t use it as much as I thought I would. Also, slowly converting to all primes. My 70-200 is staying though.

Bought the lens and didn’t have time or anyone  to use it on. My friend Julia sent me a message and I said lets shoot. She agreed and shot down in Philly. Of course it had to be windy and rainy, but I wanted to use this lens so bad. All in all, I love it. This my become my new workhorse lens. Its a great focal length for my style of shooting. Not too wide, not to tight.



Ok the last one isn’t the 35, but my other work horse, the 85. Can’t wait to use this lens more.

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Mark Lenardon: Portraits

A few weeks ago, I posted on my Facebook fan page that I was looking for males to shoot. Mark posted and said he was willing. Didn’t think he was serious, but yep he was. I had an idea of what I wanted, but changed my plans when I found a new set of train cars to play in. Scouted out the trains early in the morning on Sunday and set my mind on that location. Picked Mark up and headed to the location. Was super excited climbing into the first train car, but then disaster. The damn door wouldn’t budge. FML. Walked down to the next one, and that was locked. Seriously FML. Why didn’t I check this before when I was there earlier? Oh well, I didn’t let me get me down. Had a back up set of trains to use. Not in the amazing shape as these, but they would work. We headed down the road and walked up to the abandoned forgotten cars. Now I shot here last year and figured they couldn’t have been any worse. Luckily, most of the flooring that was left was still there. Awesome! I won’t die falling thru a weak floor and tetanus haha. Since I’ve been in these before, I was pretty confident walking thru these cars. Mark, on the other hand, weighs more than my skinny self. I told him he’d be fine. After some jokes about tetanus we started shooting. He was a great model, I swear he has done this before. Unfortunately, I ran out of light and couldn’t get to the other location. I’ll have to save that for another day and another blog post.











But wait theres more!!! Mark is a videographer, and I’ve met him through drifting. His videos are some of the best I’ve seen. Feel free to check out his work on his vimeo.

My personal fav

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Aston and Rob- The Wedding

So a few posts back I posted the engagement shots of these 2 beautiful people. Flash forward a few months later and it was time for the wedding. I already had a feeling this was going to be a great wedding. I was also excited to eat the home grown dinner that was grown by Aston.

It was easy to figure out what room was holding the bridal party, the doors were adorned in paper mache flowers, and even more decorations were hanging around the rooms.

Flowers were done by Kate Tilghman. This is the second wedding Liora and I shot that she has done the flower arrangements. She does an awesome job everytime, and always has the best selection for the occasion.

I headed up to the boys’ room to see what they were up to. Rob was busy on the phone giving directions and other stuff. I love this shot I took of him here.

After all the groomsmen were done prepping themselves, I headed over to the Rose Bank Winery to set up the photo booth and scout out the venue. I live 5 min away from this vineyard and never realized how beautiful this location is. Also had to the chance to see Kate’s other floral arrangements.

Head up stairs to scout the ceremony area and came across this funny yet true sign for seating

The ceremony was a totally different experience for me. It was humbling to say the least. Don’t mean to sound like a hippie but you could feel the positive vibe.

The candles you see in the above 2 photos, were lit in memory of those lost. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get teary-eyed. But in a positive happy way.

A few minutes after the ceremony was completed, the golden hour came around. Could not have asked for better timing.

Once again it was such a great day, and I am greatful Liora and I were chosen to experience this special day. Here are a few more images to end on.

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Liora and Ari

Shot this a few weeks ago. If you’re a fan on my page you’ve seen these already. Couldn’t get anything to work right this day and had almost zero fun. I still somehow managed great photos. Problem solving is a big part of photography. I don’t think a lot of these “photographers” realize that. You can do one of two things when a problem arises. Get mad and give up, or get mad and start figuring a work around and still get great images.

1 outtake

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Perry and Erin

Going with the last 3 posts, Liora and myself had an amazing time. When Perry first asked me if I would be interested in shooting his wedding, I was hesitant. The last time I did photos for a friend, it almost ended up with me selling my gear and walking away. I decided to take another chance. I’ve know Perry for a few years now. When he was my manager, work was always a blast. His family is just as awesome, and he met the right woman for him. The wedding was spectacular, the reception, something else. I would love to go back and relive this over again. Maybe next year, I can talk them into a trash the dress shoot. You never know haha.





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Charleston Part 3

So my blog got hacked. Whoops. Sorry for anyone who had to deal with that spam. I’m totally unmotivated to post this. So here are the photos…

Forgot to lower the iso, I’m an idiot.

Congrats to Perry and Erin for an amazing beautiful wedding. Thanks for the good times in a new city for me you 2.

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Charleston Part 1

My good friend Perry contacted me a while ago asking me if I’d be interested in shooting his wedding. It was a destination wedding and seemed like something different. I never been to Charleston SC before so I was excited. 24 hours after being home, this trip tops all the ones for 2012. Charleston is such a beautiful southern city, I just wish I had 1 more day there. Liora and I arrived at 9am on Thursday and the next thing I know, I’m back in Pennsylvania. If every week could be busy, jammed packed, yet fun, well life would be amazing for everyone. I have too many shots to post for 1 blog post, so here is part 1.


I told Liora I would drive the first half, since Maryland and Virginia seem to always be working on the same parts of 95. As always, they were.

She snoozed the whole way <3.


Construction everywhere while I blast thru the night.


Liora took over right outside North Carolina and I awoke to this half rainbow.


I’ll post again tomorrow. I guess I should say all these images in this and the following posts were taken with my Fujifilm X100.

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