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The Oracle

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Off Seasons 1

First post of my off seasons series of photos. I wanted to do this last year, but didn’t have enough time to commit to it. Although it seems like this year everyone is going big with their builds for the drift season. I stopped by Willie’s garage to hang out, eat some amazing food and of course take some photos. Last season Willie swapped in a Nissan S13 SR20DE (yes n/a sr) and made it out to some events and drove his balls off. This season the SR is going the forced induction route. I always wondered what it would be like taking a n/a SR and throwing a turbo on it. The front suspension has been redone and fitted with complete s13 suspension. It is now low and awesome. The wheels are just gangsta, I’d polish them personally but thats me. I can’t wait for Will to finish this and see it drive. I swear though, his wheels will throw off every shot I take.

Stupid GoPro fell off like 10,000 times. Surprised no one died.

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