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I have no idea what has happened over the last month. I have been super busy traveling and shooting. Keeping this short and sweet. Let the photos narrate.












Super pumped to be shooting a wedding completely by myself with full artistic freedom. I am going to have so much fun shooting this for these 2 beautiful video game developers. We might all nerd out. Lets hope so.

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Formula D Preview Photo

Had a blast this weekend. Drove down to Atlanta to shoot Forumla D and hang with some friends. Such an amazing experience. However I did make a really stupid mistake. Always format your cards before you start over! My workflow is heavily affected by this. Oh well, here is a preview of Conrad Grunewald.

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A look back at 2012

This past year has been an interesting one. A lot of ups and downs, but for my photography, it has been my best. I always look back at my photos and think what I could have done better, or to see how I’ve progressed. Here are some of my favorite photos from 2012, in no particular order.

















And yes I chose an instagram photo because I seriously love the shot and Thor.


Looking back at it all, I am super happy with all of my work. It has been a very successful year and it can only get better. I am looking forward to keeping up with this blog and doing as many shoots I can. Thanks for all that follow me and like my posts. It keeps me going. Happy New Year!


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Portraits From Formula D The Gauntlet

Drifting is cool, but the people at these events are way more interesting. I can’t post photos of the driving until they go live on Tristate Tuners, but here are some portraits I shot at FD.

Here is Justin with a smile on his face. I swear he is always the happiest looking dude ever.

Larry Chen and Ryan Davis fooling around with their big L canons. If you don’t know these guys, you should check their work out. It’s some of the best you’ll find from any drift event.

Media is a hard job, but the track workers have it worse. Running around the track fixing the clipping points and picking up car parts, yea they can keep that job.

Yoshioka on his phone. Maybe twitting or facebooking?

Pop enjoying the view of this random field he found randomly by the track.

NOS Energy drink girl. I can only imagine how her shirt got wet.

Brody wasn’t having it and just wanted to relax in the shade.

Nick D’licious D’Alessio possibly farting. In all seriousness, congrats to him for making Top 32 for the 2nd time this season.

Chelsea after his crash with Tyler McQuarrie. Best vid of the crash CLICK

And one of my favs from this event. BG looking like a gentleman. Check out his site here.

Here are some more below. Check back for more shots I’ll be putting up soon.

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Quick visit to R/T Tuning

Stopped by R/T on Tuesday since some Formula D teams were storing their cars their. Pat Mordaunt was their with his SC430, RS*R and their S15, Tony Angelo and his Scion Racing TC, and local boy Nick D’Alessio and his S13 were all getting things dialed in before practice on Thursday. It was nice to get up close to these cars without the rush of the crew during an event. And I got to see one of my favorite FD cars, the RS*R S15. Its such a good looking car and getting to see it made the day worth it. Make sure you check these guys go all out tomorrow on the driftstream.














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