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Recents: Denise Pt. 20,384

With winter coming soon, and the temperture dropping fast, its time to move inside. Time to refresh my off camera lighting knowledge. Cause I swear, I can’t retain it in my head for the life of me. My boom mount was broken which kept me from using my beauty dish. After some tinkering, I mended the issue. It seriously took 30 seconds ha. Always problem solving with photography. I’ve been dying to shoot lately, and with my new day job and helping friends finish a house, I rarely have time for shooting. I took a day off from the hustle and bustle of real life and shot my best friend and photo muse Denise. She’s always willing to help me with my ideas and visions. I want to start shooting more “risque” photos. Nothing nude or questionable, just simple less clothing style photos. I really wish these were outside in the world, but I like how they came out.

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I have no idea what has happened over the last month. I have been super busy traveling and shooting. Keeping this short and sweet. Let the photos narrate.












Super pumped to be shooting a wedding completely by myself with full artistic freedom. I am going to have so much fun shooting this for these 2 beautiful video game developers. We might all nerd out. Lets hope so.

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Recents with Denise

So Thursday I had a doctors appointment, which gave me the chance to play hookie from work. My diffusion panel came in to Allen’s finally, so I had the chance to stop by and pick it up. While I was there, as always, I started bs’ing with Rob. It just seems like everytime I’m there I just want to unload my bank account on everything. However for the last few months, this beauty dish has been tempting me. The only thing holding my back from buying it was the want to buy big lights. I have so many light modifiers for my speedlights that I don’t use, I kept thinking the dish would turn into one of those. After talking about it for a few minutes with Rob, I said to hell with it, I’ll buy it.

I am highly in love with this dish. I don’t know why I was putting it off for so long. I’ve used these before and know the amazing results and lighting you can get with one.

I hope you guys aren’t sick of seeing Denise. I know I’m not. She’s my go to girl.








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Bloggers Block

So here is a photo.

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Sometimes the shoot isn’t over…

Just got done testing out some new gear with Denise. Was all finished shooting or so I thought. As she was walking to the bathroom, a quick image popped into my mind. This is exactly what I envisioned.

Just  when you think you are finished, you’re not. I have a ton of new photos to put up when I can get a min of free time.

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Cafe Girl

Ever since I picked up this KZ, I have been wanting to take some decent shots of it. Then I wanted to add a female, then some kind of different lighting set up. I recently reconnected with my friend Denise and remembered we were suppose to shoot in the past. I passed the idea along to her and she was thrilled to do it. I also gave her my limited Heartbreak Cycle Works tee to wear so I could get them some nice shots to use. I had limited space to work with. The KZ is being stored at my friends family plumbing shop, so space was tight. I wanted to use the exposed ceiling rafters to hang a light. Dusted off my manfroto magic arm and attached a speed light to it. Not giving out all my details, but you should be able to figure it out :p. I brought my boom out and extended it up about 10 feet for the back lighting. After some test shots and figuring out my camera was set wrong from the previous use, I started getting images I saw exactly in my mind. All in all we both had a great time, and I’m making Denise my new photo muse.

For these images I was using my new led light setup. Its light weight, puts out plenty of light, and can be color balanced.

And finally this one. Same LED light, and added a sb700 in the back.

Bonus ghetto light drawing

Also check out the heartbreak guys. 2 rad dudes who do amazing work on cafe racers. Heartbreak Cycleworks

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