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Headed down to Philly yesterday to hang out with my friend Keith. I told him he had no choice but to stand in front of my camera. Told myself I would only bring my 35 and thats it, but I ended up bringing the 35, 85, and 70-200. Mainly used the 35, and took a few with the 85. Have I mentioned that I am so in love with the 35 1.4? Just incase you missed it, I do. Good times yesterday and hope to do this again in the Spring when its warm and colorful out.

2 after shoot photos…


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In a rut, buy new glass!

A few days ago, Brandon over at Allen’s Camera emailed me about some ideas he has for future videos for the store. Told him I was definitely interested. He also told me they just took in a demo Nikon 35mm 1.4. This lens has been in the back of my head for a few months now. Headed up to check out the lens and talk about his idea. Don’t want to go into it yet, but its a great way for new content and local photographers to get their work out there. Then he showed me the lens. God I love this piece of glass. It feels so good in the hands and looks good mounted. I tested it out and pulled the trigger. It was hard, but I decided to give up my 24-70 in trade. I just didn’t use it as much as I thought I would. Also, slowly converting to all primes. My 70-200 is staying though.

Bought the lens and didn’t have time or anyone  to use it on. My friend Julia sent me a message and I said lets shoot. She agreed and shot down in Philly. Of course it had to be windy and rainy, but I wanted to use this lens so bad. All in all, I love it. This my become my new workhorse lens. Its a great focal length for my style of shooting. Not too wide, not to tight.



Ok the last one isn’t the 35, but my other work horse, the 85. Can’t wait to use this lens more.

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God Damn Its Late

Preview, unless of course you seen’t it on facebook. Post more after I sleep.

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I’d kill for more time in a day.

I love my life and wouldn’t change a damn thing. The up’s and down’s, the times I wish never ended, and even the horrible moments…I wouldn’t change any of it. HOWEVER, I wish I had more time in the day or at least change the hour of when I decide to get off my ass my mind gets super creative. All my idea’s pop in brain at horrendous times of the day. Times I should be sleeping like a baby, not up writing stuff down, blogging, editing, or sometimes shooting. My mom would be yelling at me to get my ass to bed with my reply being “I will.” Hey whatever, I can’t complain. At least my mind turned back on after 2 years of being somewhere else, hopefully somewhere with drinks and babes.

(warning my opinions below <3)

Well anyway, I started a 52 week cliché ass photo project. I don’t like them. I tried a 365 and a 52 and failed horribly. Reason? It’s only fun if you make it fun. If you do it just to do it, the images are boring. Oh look I took a photo of this random object with bad composition, lighting, and everything in between. Sweet! No it isn’t. No fun. That was my problem. Those 2 previous failures were missing the fun. I forced myself to take shots I knew would turn out like garbage. This is changing this time around. I am 2 weeks in and love the 2 shots. Still have 50 more to go out and make, so lets see how it ends.

Week 1

Week 2

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