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So here is a photo.

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Sometimes the shoot isn’t over…

Just got done testing out some new gear with Denise. Was all finished shooting or so I thought. As she was walking to the bathroom, a quick image popped into my mind. This is exactly what I envisioned.

Just  when you think you are finished, you’re not. I have a ton of new photos to put up when I can get a min of free time.

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Mark Lenardon: Portraits

A few weeks ago, I posted on my Facebook fan page that I was looking for males to shoot. Mark posted and said he was willing. Didn’t think he was serious, but yep he was. I had an idea of what I wanted, but changed my plans when I found a new set of train cars to play in. Scouted out the trains early in the morning on Sunday and set my mind on that location. Picked Mark up and headed to the location. Was super excited climbing into the first train car, but then disaster. The damn door wouldn’t budge. FML. Walked down to the next one, and that was locked. Seriously FML. Why didn’t I check this before when I was there earlier? Oh well, I didn’t let me get me down. Had a back up set of trains to use. Not in the amazing shape as these, but they would work. We headed down the road and walked up to the abandoned forgotten cars. Now I shot here last year and figured they couldn’t have been any worse. Luckily, most of the flooring that was left was still there. Awesome! I won’t die falling thru a weak floor and tetanus haha. Since I’ve been in these before, I was pretty confident walking thru these cars. Mark, on the other hand, weighs more than my skinny self. I told him he’d be fine. After some jokes about tetanus we started shooting. He was a great model, I swear he has done this before. Unfortunately, I ran out of light and couldn’t get to the other location. I’ll have to save that for another day and another blog post.











But wait theres more!!! Mark is a videographer, and I’ve met him through drifting. His videos are some of the best I’ve seen. Feel free to check out his work on his vimeo.

My personal fav

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Found my Christmas present to myself…

So when I lived in Florida for that short time, I didn’t have a car or any other mode of transportation. Used Grandma’s good ol’ Accord. Everyday on my way to work, I would pass this old Suzuki for sale for cheap. I debated for days with myself to buy it, but I had no means of swapping a motor. Hell I have never worked on a bike before. The idea got mothballed in my mind. Flash forward to today. I want a bike again. I just put my ruckus back together (mostly) and have been riding it everyday. I need smokes, its 30 degrees out, my s2000 is broken, and I don’t feel like getting the legacy started. Oh my ruckus is back together, lets take that! Man, I’m glad I gathered the motivation to install the bars finally. Its been my pick me up these last 2 weeks. Such a good way to clear you mind and enjoy the world. However…there is a problem. I don’t like being limited to 43mph. I don’t like having to plan my trip because I don’t want to hold traffic up going up a decent hill. I need something more. I need a real bike. Sure I could dump money into the ruckus, but then I have to do so much to get it to work right. Also in the end, its still just a ruckus. Well after days and nights of searching and some words of wisdom from the great guys at Heartbreak Cycle Works, I may have found my bike. Hopefully going to check it out tomorrow. If everything works out, she will be mine! Update to come later.

And since this is a photo  blog…

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If a photo tells a story…

Then this is one about a sad, tired, empty man who has just figured everything out recently.

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As Promised

Some from the shoot with Cynthia in the city. Plus 2 outtakes/fun shots.








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