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More of Matt’s 350z

I stumbled upon this location while running around buying parts for my bike. I can’t believe I never looked around that area. All the local industrial parks have been used and used and used. They all look the same, cue the garage doors and concrete ramps. This spot however has none of that. I pretty much forced Matt to clean his car up and follow me to this spot. Weather was amazing that day. Almost felt like a spring day. Man I can’t wait for long days and warm nights.




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Recent: Nismo 350z


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Shawn’s Low A4

Shot my friend Shawn’s Audi today. Liora kept telling me she needs cars to shoot to practice, so I told her to shoot Shawn’s. Also got to use my rig today. First time using it and I learned a bunch. I am going to make a few adjustments to it, more stability/safety changes. I totally forgot to lower my iso after the test shot. I couldn’t figure out why the camera wouldn’t go slower than 2 secs. It dawned on me about 3 hours later of course. Oh well lesson learned haha.

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