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Formula D Preview Photo

Had a blast this weekend. Drove down to Atlanta to shoot Forumla D and hang with some friends. Such an amazing experience. However I did make a really stupid mistake. Always format your cards before you start over! My workflow is heavily affected by this. Oh well, here is a preview of Conrad Grunewald.

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More of Matt’s 350z

I stumbled upon this location while running around buying parts for my bike. I can’t believe I never looked around that area. All the local industrial parks have been used and used and used. They all look the same, cue the garage doors and concrete ramps. This spot however has none of that. I pretty much forced Matt to clean his car up and follow me to this spot. Weather was amazing that day. Almost felt like a spring day. Man I can’t wait for long days and warm nights.




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Recent: Nismo 350z


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My new daily IS300

With winter mode fully engaged, I’ve been flying under the radar. Trying to set up big shoots in the near future. With my S2000 broken, I needed a more sensible car. Something I can throw all my gear in and not have to shove expensive things in small spaces. Picked up this Lexus IS300 last Friday. I love it. Perfect car for me. Heated seats, 4 doors, useable trunk space, and manual. Haven’t owned it more than a week and most of my stands are stashed away in the trunk. I don’t have many plans for it. Just want OEM headlights and thats pretty much it. I keep telling myself to not dump money into it. We’ll see how long that lasts…haha

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Quick visit to R/T Tuning

Stopped by R/T on Tuesday since some Formula D teams were storing their cars their. Pat Mordaunt was their with his SC430, RS*R and their S15, Tony Angelo and his Scion Racing TC, and local boy Nick D’Alessio and his S13 were all getting things dialed in before practice on Thursday. It was nice to get up close to these cars without the rush of the crew during an event. And I got to see one of my favorite FD cars, the RS*R S15. Its such a good looking car and getting to see it made the day worth it. Make sure you check these guys go all out tomorrow on the driftstream.














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Shawn’s Low A4

Shot my friend Shawn’s Audi today. Liora kept telling me she needs cars to shoot to practice, so I told her to shoot Shawn’s. Also got to use my rig today. First time using it and I learned a bunch. I am going to make a few adjustments to it, more stability/safety changes. I totally forgot to lower my iso after the test shot. I couldn’t figure out why the camera wouldn’t go slower than 2 secs. It dawned on me about 3 hours later of course. Oh well lesson learned haha.

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Club Loose Opening Moves and Spring Moves

Spring is finally here! Along with nice weather and longer days comes the drift season. Its a nice way to dust off the camera gear and get the creative mind going again. The opening event “Opening Moves” from Club Loose takes my 2nd sentence and throws it out the window. It was cold, miserable, and wet. Regardless of the conditions, drivers still came out to rip. I didn’t stay long since I had to work, but still got some decent shots. Now before I post the images, I have to say this. The people on media have to be dedicated. It is not a fun job to do at times, especially this event. Like I stated before, it was cold and wet. Not just wet, but raining. It was horrible. At one point my 70-200 wanted to give up on life. So next time you drivers get sweet shots, just remember what we media people had to go through to get it. I would be lying if I said I had fun because I didn’t. I wasn’t going to go after waking up at 7am to a downpour. However I wanted to see my friends I don’t regularly see. It was nice seeing them, even if it was just a hi/bye moment. Anyway here are some shots from Water…I mean Opening Moves.

Now skip ahead to a month later. Sunny skies, warm(ish) weather, leaves on the trees, hell yea this is what I’m talking about. Spring Moves was more like it. Liora and I got there early so we could get some pit shots and bs with people. After the media meeting we got out on the track and got to work. After a bit of looking thru my previous shots, Sal got a lil to greedy and spun into the jersey barrier before the 2nd turn. He hit pretty hard and smashed up his e36 m3 pretty good. Luckily it wasn’t too bad and he drove off. He’ll be back soon ripping again. I had to peace early again for work and missed hop driving like a maniac into the bank. This might also be the last event I shoot photos at. I’m trying to move into video and been buying equipment to better assist me. I have no idea how to use an video editing software so we will see how it goes haha. Wish me luck.

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2011 Look back…

So I never have gone back after the new year and looked over my images from the now past year. I usually just forget about the past stuff and keep shooting. Well this year was amazing for me. I was in another slump and forgot what I did with a camera. However midway thru 2011, my girlfriend and family got me off my ass and out of my photo block. I am so happy they pushed me back into it and got my creative mind back. I have truly amazing people in my life.

So I was looking back thru my Lightroom  catalog and found shots I really enjoyed. Here are a few…

I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings. I will tell you what it won’t bring, the end of the world.

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