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Say hello…

To this beautiful newly married couple.

Jon and Jess. Two people who are living their dreams working in the gaming industry. Jon and myself met up during the week to sign the contract, have a beer, and discuss ideas. Growing up with video games, my mind went crazy. So many nerdy ideas I had, and Jon was just there adding to them. The big day for these two came around, and I was excited. This was my first solo (no second shooter, no VAL, no umbrella girl) wedding. I should have been nervous. Maybe I was just taken back by how many props I had to use for the bridal party. Lightsabers, Lancer assault rifles, and even a portal gun, were all available to use. If you’re wondering, yes I did nerd out a bit. I had a blast shooting, and just so much fun in general. Here are some photos I finished. Big thank you and congratulations to Jon and Jess!

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Aston and Rob- The Wedding

So a few posts back I posted the engagement shots of these 2 beautiful people. Flash forward a few months later and it was time for the wedding. I already had a feeling this was going to be a great wedding. I was also excited to eat the home grown dinner that was grown by Aston.

It was easy to figure out what room was holding the bridal party, the doors were adorned in paper mache flowers, and even more decorations were hanging around the rooms.

Flowers were done by Kate Tilghman. This is the second wedding Liora and I shot that she has done the flower arrangements. She does an awesome job everytime, and always has the best selection for the occasion.

I headed up to the boys’ room to see what they were up to. Rob was busy on the phone giving directions and other stuff. I love this shot I took of him here.

After all the groomsmen were done prepping themselves, I headed over to the Rose Bank Winery to set up the photo booth and scout out the venue. I live 5 min away from this vineyard and never realized how beautiful this location is. Also had to the chance to see Kate’s other floral arrangements.

Head up stairs to scout the ceremony area and came across this funny yet true sign for seating

The ceremony was a totally different experience for me. It was humbling to say the least. Don’t mean to sound like a hippie but you could feel the positive vibe.

The candles you see in the above 2 photos, were lit in memory of those lost. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get teary-eyed. But in a positive happy way.

A few minutes after the ceremony was completed, the golden hour came around. Could not have asked for better timing.

Once again it was such a great day, and I am greatful Liora and I were chosen to experience this special day. Here are a few more images to end on.

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