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Uncovering Eden

A few months ago, my good friend Chelsea Lupkin wrote a script for a short film about anti bullying. Chelsea, Kevin, and myself got together to shoot her kickstarter video to acquire the budget to make this happen. After a lot of hard work, post whoring, and amazing strangers, the project made budget and more. This last weekend, the cast and crew finished shooting the first half.  I never been part of a film project and was taken back a bit by everything that is required. I live for these new experiences. The weekend was long and tiring, but totally worth it. Check out some of the photos I took below.

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Renewing my passion with Alison

I’m so proud she has found happiness in photography again. I’ve been there and know what it’s like. Please give this a read.

Liora Arianna

So we’ve all been there. Those days where we’re consumed with a mental breakdown doubting any skill we’ve ever claimed to have. What am I doing? I’m surrounded by amazing photographers and my images are just plain shit. Literally, fecal matter in digital files. What do we do when this happens? Well… I called my friend Alison and bought a new Nikon 85 f1.4 lens.

The rest is a love story for the artist in everyone. She arrived at my house around 2pm, we jumped immediately in the car and headed over to Flemington, NJ. En route we discussed how she had always wanted to model but never got into it, and I was immediately excited because I knew she’d so whatever I asked. Does that sound dirty? Maybe, but that’s not what I mean. I just knew she was as into this random day photo shoot as I was.

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As Promised

Some from the shoot with Cynthia in the city. Plus 2 outtakes/fun shots.








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No more hole(y) soft top for the S. Still have some adjusting to do and new weather seals to install. If they ever come in.


My lovely girlfriend

The love of my life <3.


Mike’s Miata

Shot with Mike on Monday before a pretty serious looking storm. It has been a while since I had to rush during a shoot, I don’t like being wet in humid weather. Aside from a few rust spots and a stitched lip, this daily driver is pretty cool.



New blog!

Trying out word press. Just another place to post my thoughts, feelings, and most importantly, my photos.

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