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A look back at 2013

This year was such an enjoyable experience. I am nothing short of proud of the fact. My original goal of traveling to different events was exceeded. Including taking on a wedding solo with little time to plan or meet with clients. I haven’t planned much for ’14 so far. I want to stray from Formula D and drifting for the most part. The not most part? Detroit and Lime Rock. Lime Rock for the friends, and Detroit…well because there is something great about that city. Looking back at it, I had no idea what to expect. Sure you hear nothing but bad things about it, but once you’re there you forget all the negative. I need more time to explore, more time to meet random friendly faces. (Yes everyone, be it downtown or the surrounding wasteland, everyone was friendly).

This post is going to have a part 2. I’m being hard on myself and not just throwing a bunch of photos up. The ones below and part 2 are only the photos that came out exactly how I envisioned them. Some aren’t great by any means, but to me they have me grinning from ear to ear.

Enjoy, because 2013 fucking rocked…


Some images have links. Check them out.

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Uncovering Eden

A few months ago, my good friend Chelsea Lupkin wrote a script for a short film about anti bullying. Chelsea, Kevin, and myself got together to shoot her kickstarter video to acquire the budget to make this happen. After a lot of hard work, post whoring, and amazing strangers, the project made budget and more. This last weekend, the cast and crew finished shooting the first half.  I never been part of a film project and was taken back a bit by everything that is required. I live for these new experiences. The weekend was long and tiring, but totally worth it. Check out some of the photos I took below.

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Photographers in front of a camera

We are used to being behind the camera, not in front of it!


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My new daily IS300

With winter mode fully engaged, I’ve been flying under the radar. Trying to set up big shoots in the near future. With my S2000 broken, I needed a more sensible car. Something I can throw all my gear in and not have to shove expensive things in small spaces. Picked up this Lexus IS300 last Friday. I love it. Perfect car for me. Heated seats, 4 doors, useable trunk space, and manual. Haven’t owned it more than a week and most of my stands are stashed away in the trunk. I don’t have many plans for it. Just want OEM headlights and thats pretty much it. I keep telling myself to not dump money into it. We’ll see how long that lasts…haha

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A look back at 2012

This past year has been an interesting one. A lot of ups and downs, but for my photography, it has been my best. I always look back at my photos and think what I could have done better, or to see how I’ve progressed. Here are some of my favorite photos from 2012, in no particular order.

















And yes I chose an instagram photo because I seriously love the shot and Thor.


Looking back at it all, I am super happy with all of my work. It has been a very successful year and it can only get better. I am looking forward to keeping up with this blog and doing as many shoots I can. Thanks for all that follow me and like my posts. It keeps me going. Happy New Year!


PS- Follow me on instagram! @Chaz_Boyd


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So I’m in a rut. Again.


So it’s December. That time of year where the day light doesn’t last long enough but the cold and darkness does. It seems like it takes a massive effect on my mind. I always feel so creative-less, empty, bored. Every winter comes around and I say to myself, if it snows I’m shooting portraits! Well the days it has snowed in the past I wasn’t able to. Makes me so upset. I have all these ideas written down for a snow shoot, yet I’m never able to make it happen. I used to love the winter. Now I dread it like the plague. With everything that has happened in the last few months doesn’t help either. I just keep questioning myself if I should keep going. Keep striving so I won’t have to work a day job. Every December this runs rampant through my head. Sure I have plenty of shoots lined up but damn, am I reaching deep in my mind to find creative ideas. Maybe I just need to get away for a bit. I’ve thought of visiting my aunt or grandma for a week or 2. If I did that I would just bring my d700, 85, and sb800. Put myself out there and put myself into a situation where that’s all I have to work with. Who knows…maybe.

On a positive note however, I am super excited to work with Gina Osbourne and her team at Beauty Marks. She is super talented and can’t wait for this.

Ok no more rambling. Just sitting here bored at work, waiting to delivery car. Don’t worry, I’m not ready to give up just yet.

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Liora and Ari

Shot this a few weeks ago. If you’re a fan on my page you’ve seen these already. Couldn’t get anything to work right this day and had almost zero fun. I still somehow managed great photos. Problem solving is a big part of photography. I don’t think a lot of these “photographers” realize that. You can do one of two things when a problem arises. Get mad and give up, or get mad and start figuring a work around and still get great images.

1 outtake

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Found my Christmas present to myself…

So when I lived in Florida for that short time, I didn’t have a car or any other mode of transportation. Used Grandma’s good ol’ Accord. Everyday on my way to work, I would pass this old Suzuki for sale for cheap. I debated for days with myself to buy it, but I had no means of swapping a motor. Hell I have never worked on a bike before. The idea got mothballed in my mind. Flash forward to today. I want a bike again. I just put my ruckus back together (mostly) and have been riding it everyday. I need smokes, its 30 degrees out, my s2000 is broken, and I don’t feel like getting the legacy started. Oh my ruckus is back together, lets take that! Man, I’m glad I gathered the motivation to install the bars finally. Its been my pick me up these last 2 weeks. Such a good way to clear you mind and enjoy the world. However…there is a problem. I don’t like being limited to 43mph. I don’t like having to plan my trip because I don’t want to hold traffic up going up a decent hill. I need something more. I need a real bike. Sure I could dump money into the ruckus, but then I have to do so much to get it to work right. Also in the end, its still just a ruckus. Well after days and nights of searching and some words of wisdom from the great guys at Heartbreak Cycle Works, I may have found my bike. Hopefully going to check it out tomorrow. If everything works out, she will be mine! Update to come later.

And since this is a photo  blog…

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If a photo tells a story…

Then this is one about a sad, tired, empty man who has just figured everything out recently.

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