2011 Look back…

So I never have gone back after the new year and looked over my images from the now past year. I usually just forget about the past stuff and keep shooting. Well this year was amazing for me. I was in another slump and forgot what I did with a camera. However midway thru 2011, my girlfriend and family got me off my ass and out of my photo block. I am so happy they pushed me back into it and got my creative mind back. I have truly amazing people in my life.

So I was looking back thru my Lightroom  catalog and found shots I really enjoyed. Here are a few…

I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings. I will tell you what it won’t bring, the end of the world.

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One thought on “2011 Look back…

  1. ❤ the first one , beautiful shot!
    ❤ the hare and the car shot . its like , the hare is teasing the car saying, lets see whos faster 🙂 !! great work !!

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